Anna’s stories bring to life collections, history, historical characters, spaces, heritage sites, with live interpretation and interactive storytelling. Anna conducts quality, in-depth research and carefully crafts her performances so that they are educational, site-specific, entertaining and can reach out to audiences of any age and background. Among others, she has worked with the British Museum, Windsor Castle, Asia House, Royal Holloway University in London, Royal College of Music in London, Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham and in museums, galleries and national trust sites across the UK.

Anna has established links with museums and galleries across the world, and she has worked and performed internationally in institutions such as the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece, the Athens Megaron Concert Hall, and the National Maritime Museum in Sydney, Australia. She has collaborated on international projects such as the Twice a Stranger Project, which has been exhibited in countries including Greece, Turkey and Germany.

Anna offers award-winning story-making workshops and staff training programmes that boost confidence, perfect performance, and teach storytelling skills in new and powerful ways.

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